Due AML takes the user through 8 clear and simple steps. As a rule, an AML check does not take more than a few minutes, more complex checks can of course take longer.

The tool is seamlessly integrated with the external databases ond sources required for efficient and correct AML checks and risk assessment of clients and matters.

We collect information on Nordic companies from specific national sources in each country. Regarding information from the rest of the world, we have together with our partner Bisnode D&B Sweden integrated their worldwide databases in Due AML and you get access to the following information about 330 million companies from around the world: Basic company information, Group and ownership structures, Owners, Beneficial Owners, Alternative Beneficial Owners , International Sanction lists, High-risk countries, PEP, Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) etc.

The entire process is documented in a report that is easily saved in your case and document management system and the information can be flowed over to your ERP / business system through a simple integration via our modern APIs.